02 April 2008

I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell....

The kids are with AH tonight.
I rang to say goodnight...which is normal.
The kids (Usually E) go through the "you wanna speak to mum/dad?" thing.
Which USUALLY results in a "No, not tonight"
Except tonight he said "yes"
Apparently J is playing for the under 10's as well as the under 9's.
He has only just progressed to the under 9's from Auskick. He did Auskick last year but was asked to play for the Under 9's as well. Which he did brilliantly!!
The season only started last weekend. He played for the under 9's. Did OK. Then the Under 10's were short players so he played with them also. Did BRILLIANTLY!!! So they have asked him back.
He is 7!
So now he is playing for BOTH! OFFICIALLY!
So AH informs me that I will need to take him to Hornsby then Baulkham Hills...a big trek...I stutter a little...(I have them this Sunday am...I agreed to Footy but not 2 lots....but J LURVES it so I can't say no)....Anyway AH goes on to say that he will take him to the 2nd match, he has taken on some role in the club yadayada so will be there anyway.
"Oh why don't we all just go in the same car"
Then I cringed....
So now...we are all going to footy in the same car! HIS CAR!
HE will pick us up and head from there!
ARGGHHHH! What have I done!
I have to sit in a car with him!
We only just got to "being cordial" at swap-overs... We don't do conversation! The SILENCE WILL BE DEADLY! WITH THE KIDS IN THE BACK!


Truth be told...I wasn't...I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell..... :-(

Try the title or this one....gawd I loved "The Panel"


Anonymous said...

It will be Ok & it will be good for your kids to see their parents co-operating. Just make sure that they understand this is not about getting back together & is about convenience. And bite your tongue the whole time....ignore any barbed comments & keep thinking about how good it is for the kids to see you not arguing.

I have recently started trying harder with XH - invited him in when he dropped off the boys, having inconsequential conversations & I can see the boys, particularly my eldest, looking happier.

And the result for me is that he isn;t reducing child support as he now can under the new formula & he is buying the boys coats. So apart from the boys benefits, I am getting some too.

He still is an AH & I still hate him.

It will be very hard, but you can do this K.


Kirstie said...

Thanks Kelli!

Did you do mediation? A big point they made was the impact on the kids from the relationship after seperation. And what you are doing is what they really tried to drum into us. I know it's made a HUGE difference in his attitude towards me just by me being ultra nice to him. I don't invite him in, but I always say how are you, have a good day etc. Even if it is through gritted teeth sometimes.
Glad it's working for you :-)

I tried to give him an out, but it didn't work. So I made a joke, and he actually got it. It's gonna be a loooong 4 hours, so I hope it isn't too painful!

Take Care