07 April 2008

I can't get myself to go away.

Well not this year, but if anyone wants to wire me about $100,000,000.00 in the next couple of hours I may be able to wing it.

But I have it sussed, for next year, as long as I win lotto, or meet a sugar daddy.....

But the finer details don't matter right now.

On the 7th April at 11pm, I catch a flight to Honolulu, which takes 9 hours & 45 mins. They are 20hours behind us so I would arrive there at 12.45pm 7th April.

Then on the 7th April at 11pm I catch a flight from Honolulu to Kiritimati, which takes 4 hours. They are 4 hours ahead of Sydney, so I would arrive there at 3am on the 9th April.

(This is why I need mega wads of cash. From my research, I could only find a weekly flight between Kiritimati and Nadi(Fiji) once a week, but you can get private charters between Kiritimati & Honolulu or Fiji, and well, I assume that costs a fair whack of moula...but I digress)

Then at 8am (Have to at least enjoy 1 sunset, place sounds gorgeous) I get a flight from Kiritimati to Nadi, which takes 4.5 hours, due to time differences, I would arrive at 10.30am their time on the 9th.

Then it's simply a 2 hour 40 min flight from Nadi back to Sydney....say I leave at 12pm (leaving enough time for changeover & delays), I would be back in Sydney at about 12.40pm on the 9th of April!

And I'd have missed the 8th altogether! I'm a genius!

I would love to spend some time in Kiritimati, but I have family birthdays on the 9th,10th & 11th April, and I don't want to be disowned. It appears they don't use phones all that much, not sure they even have them, and I'm sure I couldn't afford it if they did!

Kiritimati. Isn't it pretty?

But now a serious question...If you aren't actually present in a day, did that day actually happen?



The Arthur Family said...


You can't miss it, Cause I want to celebrate it ;)


lightening said...

Hee, hee. MY SIL is born on the 29th of February so misses her birthday other than in a leap year. She still gets older though. And she HATES it cos she's LOVES celebrating her birthday.

Happy Birthday Babe!!! :)

Kirstie said...

Thanks guys!
Had a petty good day....Kids and I went out for dinner & had chocolate mud cake mmmmmmm.
Speaking of which, there are leftovers and I'm a bit peckish....