26 March 2008

Hangover from Hell!


Give me wine, beer, Baileys (mmmm Baileys...), ANYTHING...I will drink fucking Rocket Fuel and enjoy the aftermath more!

Give me drugs....legal, illegal.....mixed with battery acid & 5 spice....it has got to be better!

I have felt like absolute crap for the past few days, have been skulling water like it's liquid gold.

Honestly! I didn't eat that much! But that is ALL I can attribute it to...the FUCKING chocolate!

I just want to spew, shit, cry, scream and rip my own limbs off!

The Farking White Wabbit has some answering to do!

Firstly....he fucking trashedthe joint! There was a white powdery substance EVERYWHERE, then after the kids demolished the place looking for eggs, there was teensy eensy bits of coloured foil all over the place, and brown smears all over the floors. Which I am honestly not sure if it was Bunneh Shit, Kid Shit or chocolate egg that just didn't quite make it in the mouth fast enough!

Secondly...my kids have been feral! I tried to get them eat it all in one day, to be over and done with....but Noooooo! I still have a FRIDGE.FUCKING.FULL.TO.THE.BRIM. WITH. CHOCOLATE!!!!

Thirdly...I was feeling the effects of chocolate overload, on SUNDAY, but kept being tempted! (Remember the Fridge, and I haven't mentioned the rest!) I HAVEN'T EATEN THAT MUCH...but it screws with me! Seeing it in the shops since christmas has made me eat it constantly! As in a little bit a day! But it's too much! Today I feel a little better, and I haven't had any...Proof enough! But it has STILL taken over my brain! I stand in the checkout queue and see alllll that chocolatey goodness, and WANT TO BUY IT! HELLO WOMAN, REMEMBER YOUR HOUSE IS ALMOST MADE OF THE SHIT!


And I STILL haven't opened the Fererro Rochers...hmmmmmm......If you had an AH, and that AH gave you your fave chockies, Would you eat them?
I'm not game.....


Plus chocolate is still EVIL!


Anonymous said...

If you are that thirsty after all that chocolate you may need a Glucose Tolerance Test. Ask your doctor next time you go.

Kelley said...

send it over here. I have eaten my body weight in chocolate 4 times over.

Mmmmm chocolate...

Dollfinn! said...

Or send me some, noone bought me any chocolate or any easter presents this year, i am feeling quite deprived. I got one choc egg from DS that he saved from the ones his father gave him, and one tiny choc egg (disgusting cheap crap) out of a packet his grandmother gave him (she is going slowly down the dementia road, and LOVES crazy clarks, so at least she managed wheat/gluten free, unfortunately i think they were chocolate free as well!).

My father provided the easter lunch, so i suppose i got sausages and mash potato for easter!

DBF totally broke after finally buying himself a car and not having had any work the last 7 weeks, so nothing from him either.

HOWEVER, I dont want the rochers, they are just a little sus considering your AH.

It is weird that the chocolate has that effect on you, did it do that before you were on meds? Maybe its because the chocolate increases the Seratonin & Norepinephrine too much (same things the meds do) that you had a super high buildup that then causes the hangover effects. The thirst definitely a glucose thing, but not likely to be diabetes in your case, unless you have suddenly developed pernicious anaemia too. More likely its just that you are not used to having that much glucose intake for such a long period of time. Oh and the dehydration can simply occur because the glucose causes you to pee more (polyuria/glucosuria if you want to look it up). Happens to everyone when they overdose on sugar wether they are glucose tolerant, glucose resistant, diabetic etc, its just that normally the overdose is a oneoff rather than each day for a few weeks.

hope that all makes sense.



Kirstie said...

Anon~ thanks for your thoughts. Will keep it in mind, but I think it's just due to me not being used to sweet stuff and overdoing it.

Kelly~ I would if I could. I've also got a Lindt dark egg set....I hate the stuff!!! Fererro's still unopened!

Erin! ~ LOL I love that your comments are longer than my posts!
Sorry you got nothing :-( I would gladly send some up, we've still got heaps!
Not sure about before the meds...possibly...I used to inhale a clock of chocolate easily, then I stopped when I was losing weight years ago, and now I'm much more restrained, but between then & now I have started meds. But it seems to be from sugar, not just chocolate. Also I haven't been drinking enough water lately so it could be both.