05 April 2008

3 AM

MY GOD! I have been hanging out for this for weeks!
Especially this last week, cos the gov't fucked with my mind and changed the days....AFTER my calendars were obviously printed!


Don't get me wrong I love daylight savings.
But my bodyclock changed a few weeks ago, and I'm struggling of a morning to haul my arse out of bed before 8am. Which on a kid-free day is fine. It's even fine on a weekend...as long as the kids don't mind brunch instead of breakfast. But on a school day....not so good. On a footy day...not so good!

As Murphy would have it, I don't get to languish in bed till 11am tomorrow & pride myself on waking up before noon. No, it is my Sunday with the kids. My Football day with the kids.
But on an entirely positive note, I WILL NOT BE dragging my arse out of bed, only to then drag
their arses out of bed at 7am, so we are at footy by 8.30am....cos as luck would have it.....or our Government....it will REALLY be 8am....WOOHOO!!!!

At 3am we change our clocks to 2am....although I will not be setting my alarm to do that....I am blonde, but not THAT blonde...

So.... my first footy Sunday of the season I get a sleep in!!

Unfortunately I will have to spend AT LEAST 4 hours with the AH, with no car to escape in, NO.WAY.OUT!

BUT I get a sleep in, and I plan on using it!

And maybe a flask of something heavy to get me through the morning!



Kelley said...

Oh I hear ya! I am so looking forward to it!

Something that is a little bit of a worry is my girlfriend and I are going to a psychic thingy tomorrow and she IS blonde and will probably turn up early *snort*

Anonymous said...

Good luck today K - hope it won;t be too painful with AH - grit your teeth & show your kids what a great Mum you are.

And glad you enjoyed your sleepin - I got one too, kinda. Though DS5 was up at 5.40 looking for kids shows on TV. And my newspaper was late so I couldn't even enjoy the peace while DS8 slept & read the paper.....

In answer yo your previous question - no we didn;t have mediation. But, I spoke to a million social workers trying to make sure the boys would be OK & I have also spoken to DS8's counsellor and they were all really encouraging about what I was trying. Though the counsellor agreed with me that it was a bit off when the AH lifted up my BBQ lid to inspect & informed me it needed cleaning.....who does that at someone elses house????


Kirstie said...

Kelley ~ LOL Do tell....did she show up early???
How did the session go? I've never been to a psychic..

Kelli ~ pfft...I would have handed him the f'ing cleaning equipment...ArseHat!