18 April 2008

All that I am!

Have you got a song that makes you breathe?

That really just stops you in your tracks and lets you breathe?

No matter what else is going on, you are at peace, and you breathe.....as you should!

Not the worry of life. Not the breathe that we all must do, to survive. But you feel that breath like it was your first. And then you smile. And then you hug your kids & count your blessings.

A breath of life.

I only have one....and it does it to me every single time....it's actually a sad song, and the singer unfortunately has passed, but despite this, this song pulls life into me when I feel that I cannot give or do anymore!

Takes my breath away & makes me feel at peace!


**Actually I have 2, and if you click on the link in the title you'll get the 2nd...I am so hopeless with songs, I can love the song, and love the singer but I could rarely name either...and I chose the title by random....THEN I listened...sometimes randomness is best, and chooses what you need!**


Anonymous said...

I love that song too - they played it on ER when Mark Green was dying & it still makes me cry (is it a bit sad that I love old episodes of ER?).


Aparelho de DVD said...

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Kirstie said...

Kelli ~ not sad at all...I love ER, and the older the better :-)
Or maybe I'm sad too ;-)

Sorry so late with response...I've been away ;-p

Aparelho ~ "a hug" back and no it is not ossible rofl