06 April 2008

My My My

Well it seems time does heal.

Today was the aforementioned footy trip from hell.

It went well. Wasn't really uncomfortable at all, especially considering 2 out of the 4 hours were spent in the car. I didn't feel the need to make small talk, and neither did the AH from what I could tell. We did some small talk, mostly asking about family etc. At the actual matches we didn't have a lot to do with each other, but we did talk on occasion, and he even got me an umbrella when it started to pour at match #2, so I bought him a sausage sandwhich after the match....my generosity is just exceptional eh!

Even the disaster of us leaving J's Nintendo DS at the first ground, and not realising until we were half way to the 2nd (20mins), went well. In the past it would have caused much bitching, blaming, cursing and carry on, but nothing except a bit of erratic driving. Now that's what I call progress!
He even introduced me to someone (an old friend from school, who's kid has just started at the club this year!).....I never even rated a mention before.

So all in all a SUCCESS! It has been nearlly 5 months since we separated, and I am under no illusion that we won't have rough times, but it was good to put the nastiness aside and just get along.

I won't go as far as saying it was pleasant, but it wasn't negative in any respect so it's all good.

And whilst the kids didn't seem to bat an eyelid, apart from asking me how long it had been since I'd been in Dads car, I'm sure it must have been GREAT for them. We aren't generally negative in front of them, but we aren't overly positive either, so it, hopefully, was good for them to see us just get along and get on with it.

And WOW! I didn't write a negative post for a change!
Stay tuned....I'm sure it won't last LOL



Lightening said...

I'm glad it went okay. It is nice for everyone if everything can at least be civilised. I imagine it might have drained you a lot though so be extra kind to yourself in the next few days. {{{HUGS}}}

Anonymous said...

So pleased it was OK. It should make the next family occasion that little bit easier knowing that you can survive.

The thought of 2 hours in a car with my XH would make me physically unwell though. But he has gone for 6 months now - and he is a long long way away (persian gulf) and so I don;t even have to talk to him.

And how did your DS play?????


The Arthur Family said...

Glad things went great for you.


Kirstie said...

Lightening ~ thanks hon! Am a bit flat today, but am taking it easy.
((HUGS)) back at ya xx

Kelli ~ I was so relieved, and a bit surprised. It's pot luck what you get with him, so I'm glad I got a good day :-)
DS went great! thanks for asking, outshone in the U9's, but we gave a new kid the player of the match as he kicked 3 or more goals...none counted though LOL as he didn't follow the rules. But they still won by 30 odd points. U10's was OK, but we were late (because of the backtracking) so he only played the last 3 quarters, and it poured the last 2. Half of that team seems to be made up of U9's, so I don't think they've got much hope, they're all exhausted! But it wasn't a total white-wash! So all good :-)
Enjoy the peace darl, but also remember you time as well ((HUGS))

Thanks C...Luvs ya xx