12 April 2008

Streetcorner Symphony

Click on the title of this post....
I dare ya!
In fact click on all of them for April!

This one is my ring tone!



I will be on the floor! In the mosh-pit! Squashed up against the barriers! Putting my panty throwing practise to good use! Organising meeting points with my sis for when we lose each other! GOING FUCKING MENTAL!


One of my besties surprised me last year??? seems longer, mental illness and all....maybe 3 years was def NOT my 30th...to Rob Thomas tickets...like she was here and we HAD.TO.LEAVE.IN.10.MINUTES type surprise.
HE was FUCKING AWESOME! And we had the worst seats in the house....I did try and sneak closer though! AND I took REALLY dodgy photos on my phone and shared them to all and sundry...ahem...yes it may have looked like a white dot on a black screen TO YOU! But to me, it was DREAMY Rob Thomas! With all detail...if you had a microscope...but again I digress

Gawd.....a good voice does me in!

In 2 weeks I will be there!

Every post this month...the month of my birthday......I have made the title Matchbox 20 or Rob Thomas related. Some are songs (titles), some are lyrics...so if you click on the title you'll get an awesome piece of music....my fave is the "3am" link WHOA! I know I was talking about Daylight Savings....but the song is about his mum when she had cancer...which I can SO relate to. But accoustically it is AWESOME!

Others were a surprise...I just grabbed a title without thinking too much...but the last one (Back 2 good) is his song about cheating lol.

I'm goin' to MATCHBOX 20!!!

OK have to wee now ;-p


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