01 May 2008

The law of air fresheners..

My son walked out from the toilet today with the air freshener in hand and said..
"mum, can I spray this?"
I thought a little....he's 7...yes he can spray..
Me: "yep, did you poo?"
DS: "nup!"
Me: "well no you can't then"
DS: "Why?"
Me: "Cos the spray stinks"
DS: " I wee'd, why can't I spray?"
Me: "Cos wee doesn't smell"
Me then thinking...'well it does when you miss the loo and add 2 days'
DS "So when can I spray?"
Me: "When you poo!"
DS : "Why?"
Me : "Cos your shit smells worse than the spray!"
DS: "Ahhhh OK!"

I think it's logical!

And I think my baby's growing up *sob*