16 May 2008

I've been a bad blogger...



Nothing much to write about.
Kids are doing well, but aren't really giving me anything blogworthy.
AH the same.

As I am yet to find work, Centrelink have put me in this 'program', and I use that term very loosely...so I am there every day from 9am to 1pm for 3 weeks. Mah Holeee Farking Hell! I'd rather watch paint dry, or chew on glass or something. A group of us sit in a room, where you are not allowed to bring food or drink, and look through papers, and search the internet for work. We can use their computers and their phone, fax, copier etc etc.
Problem is, I do all this at home, and my computer isn't from the fucking dark ages, so it doesn't take me an hour to send one fucking application! And you have to share the computers....so you sit there chatting cos you have read the *1* paper in the first 10 minutes, but it isn't your turn on the fucking dinosaur of a computer!
And then you contemplate stabbing yourself in the eye with a pen.
Then you are distracted by the morons there, who openly have NO INTENTION of finding a job. EVAH! making fart noises....and doing 'druggo' jokes and I feel like I am back in Year 8 rollcall.
Then I wonder if papercuts are enough to allow me to bleed to death....or at the very least have an ambulance called so I can get the FUCK outta there!
Then they tell us we have a 10minute break....which is only enough time to repark my car, so I don't have to pay $6 a day for the sheer joy of my eyes and ears bleeding..... and get a ciggie in.
So I break their "no food & drink" rule and take my coffee back into the room.
What are they gonna do......all the staff there look like they are just out of daycare!

So exciting stuff huh....3 days down....12 to go...*SIGH*

On a happier note!
It is 6 months since I kicked the AH to the curb...WOOHOO!
I don't think I am going to be able to afford that trip to Phuket for the 12month anniversary...but hey you never know....could find myself a sugar daddy ;-)

And I have a friend coming to visit for the weekend...so I plan on leading her astray and being the BAD influence that I am BWAHAHA!!! Well after the kids are in bed!
And after I drop them at their dad's tomorrow night...have to work with what I've got people!

And I waffle on as usual...and change the subject 50 times...but that is what I do best :-)
Happy Weekend Everyone!


Lightening said...

Holy Crap! 6 months already??? Well, there you go. You're doing a fabulous job you know!!!

Hope you find work soon.

Chandelle said...

woohoo 6mo already!! see thats a great reason to have a girly weekend. HOpe you have heaps of fun and don't lead that friend too far astray LOL

Goodluck with the rest of this torturing job search training shit.
Love to all

Kelley said...

Woot for the 6 months!

Centrelink were going to make me do that. Even though I was caring for TWO people on their books with a disability AND WORKING! Oh yes, they wanted me to come and do a course to look for work...


Hope the time goes quickly for you babe.

Kirstie said...

Lightening ~ thanks :-) Not so fabulous some days, but we get by!

C ~ ;-) Had a good weekend!

Kelley ~ That's a joke! pfft Arsehats indeed!!! Some people there, cannot believe I'm there...most have been unemployed for yonks & have NO kids! Go figure! My youngest turns 6 and I'm whipped off as quick as THE AH without his viagra.

Counting down the days....