10 May 2008

Smiley Saturday!

I am breaking my virginity....yeah stop laughing! (If that were true it would be Screaming Saturday)

I have never participated before.

It is the brainchild of Lightening, who is a fantastic gal, and I need a smile :-)

Please don't slap me if I do this wrong.

A few things have made me smile this week. The first is my birthday present off my mum and step-dad....I asked and I received.... and I actually got it a couple of weeks ago in Canberra, but it still makes me smile on a daily basis :-)

Isn't it pretty! And YES IT IS PURPLE! The AH ran over my last purple bag....so I am so chuffed to have this one :-)

The 2nd one was my first viewing of Yo-Gabba-Gabba!
OMG I nearly peed myself...the kids were laughing just as much!

I cannot find the episode we watched. So I'll give you all I could find!

Who needs drugs...these guys are OFF the planet!

And last but not least, was yet another show the kids introduced me to.
Shaun the Sheep! Again, I can't find the episode we watched so I'll leave you with what I could find.
The AH will be getting rid of the foxtel here shortly....I will miss it just for these 2 shows!
Shape up with Shaun

Just be aware...It will take 7 minutes off your life ;-)

Keep Smiling :-D



storyteller said...

Happy belated birthday! I love the new purple purse because purple is my favorite color! Cool videos too. I’m participating for the 2nd time this week at Small Reflections.
Hugs and blessings,

agrantham81 said...

Love the clips. Might have to pop by and go read everyones Smileys posts as I am not doing much myself at the minute. I did almost laugh at the Sheep though.

Kirstie said...

Thanks storyteller....I did check out your blog...but my puter wouldn't let me comment...grrr
Hey Amy! You need tv! ;-p

Hope you are all still smiling!