02 May 2008

When does it stop being about the kids?

The AH has finally got my email with regard to him contributing to school fees.
And he aint happy.
I ended up hanging up on him.
Don't need his abuse.
Won't stand for his abuse anymore!
His claim is that the Child Support he pays covers clothing, medical and school.
Roof over their heads, electricity, gas, food is all questionable.
I said yes, when I got the full child support, I didn't ask for his help.
He now claims to CS he has the children more.
So he pays less.
He says he has them a third of the time.
Therefore he should cover a third of their schooling.
They aren't in a public school, they are in a Catholic school...it aint cheap.
I can't keep up.
He isn't having them for the amount of days he has claimed....so far he is 2 weeks short.
Response: Bullshit!
I said that I can't afford to pay their fees. (Please let me get a job!)
Response: Bullshit!
You're saying no?

The phone has been ringing off the hook!
I'm not answering!
Where are the kids whilst he's on his diatribe?

He says check with CSA.
I have!
His response: Bullshit!

Honestly, where is the conversation going when all you can say is bullshit & attack someone. The mother of your children? In front of your children I can only assume!

Get over yourself! The question was easy enough. Say no or say yes....no need to step on me cos you think you can....discuss...negotiate...words not in his vocabulary!

I have 2 in mine!


Ooh and 3 more...


See....I'm sooo much more mature!


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