18 June 2008

Update on DD and the op.

Thanks for all the replies :-)
Kelli ~ I checked with the tax office and it worked out to be a couple of hundred, not enough to REALLY make a difference. But IF we do end up paying for private, I will still claim it, of course.
Bettina ~ What is this family allowance advance you speak of????

I am in a bit of debt at the moment, nothing outlandish, but enough to make saving hard without skimping on the payments there IYKWIM, so I decided to ask for the extra credit and let the gods decide.....I was declined...so option 3 is out. (I wasn't surprised, but thought it was worth a go).

What I am going to do is get her on the Public Waiting List. A lovely girl I met thru Plurk has given me an ENT, whom she highly recommends, so I will call tomorrow and try and get an appointment.

I did mean to do it today, but I've been raging a battle against my whipper snipper, and well time got away from me. (And the fucking whipper snipper won!!! If you can call it a win when it is dead and in pieces!!! HA!!! TAKE THAT!!!)

Where was I?
Um OK...so next..

I will save what I can, whilst still paying off Mary, Bob & Jane, inform the AH what his half is and hope he does the same, and hopefully be able to get her the op sooner rather than later.

(and secretly pray the AH gets his bonus next quarter and offers to pay the lot, lol)

Of course, as Murphy is prone to do, she came in last night to my bed complaining of a sore ear, and her op was due today! So me thinks we may be back on the Merry-go-round sooner rather than later. (But I knew that didn't I)

Thanks again!
Let the savings begin! Just not this fortnight as I have to give a deposit to OOSH, and I don't want the gas disconnected either!


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Leigh said...

Glad I could be of some help :)

It is so hard to know what to do, especially when there is so much money involved.