03 June 2008

Psychology 101

Today at "the course" we had a Psychologist visit and do a session with a group of us women on Self-esteem. Well I think that is what it was about. I pitied the psych....none of us wanted to be there, she was fresh outta uni, had a blessed up-bringing, and was faced with us.
Women who couldn't understand or speak English very well, us older birds who didn't care to divulge all our secrets, older women that seemed past it all, and the young Chickie's who "knew better".
She didn't have a hope.
She was nice enough though. But it always makes me laugh that these 'experts' of the mind quite often have no 'real' experience to back them up. One of the younger girls did not shut up for the whole session, and kept bursting into tears, and telling us all (strangers) the hardships of her life.
The psych kept placating her with textbook words, but she was obviously quite taken aback. A few times us 'older' ones, and I use that term loosely, meaning myself (29 again) and others older than I, had to explain to the psych what some terms meant....like disintegrate...WTF! I didn't need to do Uni to learn that one!
We did lots of written exercises, all of which I have done before.
Watched a video about depression, made by one of the anti-depressant drug companies. Fuck THAT made me laugh...."oooh you've got depression, take this pill and you'll be right as rain"...... The psych didn't get the joke!
In the midst of it all, we were instructed to write our names on an envelope, and then we all wrote a positive comment about each person and placed it in their envelope. Now given, most of us had never met before, and most did not speak throughout the session, this wasn't going to be easy. I had 'seen' a couple of them before. I had spoken to 3 of them before. I had spoken to only one of them to a point, that I felt I kinda knew her. And that was the one that kept breaking down crying.....which I had not seen in her before at ALL! Plus the 'psych' made a comment too.
BUT it IS nice to hear nice things about yourself.
And it is interesting to see what people think of you, having barely met you.
I tried to distinguish who's writing was who's quickly at the end, but as everyone was leaving, and a lot was going on it was a bit difficult....

So here are my 'compliments' from today....and my comments in brackets...
*You have a charming way about yourself. (Why thank you....I think this was from one I was sitting next to that I'd met before)
*Very warm & Friendly (thanks again....bit NFI who this was....could have been the woman next to me as well)
*You are soooooo beautiful and beautiful (ummmm yeah...NFI...but HOPE it wasn't the woman next to me)
*Smiling face, happy mother (better than crouching tiger, hidden dragon I assume)
*-Well balanced (I laughed out loud at this one and commented they obviously don't know me....then discovered it was from the Psych...oops....but point proven!)
-Thoughtful & reflective (maybe pensive & do not bare my soul to these people....with a touch of you HAVE NO IDEA!)
*has a beautiful smile! (Uuum thanks....NFI again, and still hoping it wasn't the woman sitting next to me, and are we in lesbo support group or twat?)
*Friendly nice (I know...I know...stop it would yas!)
*You have beautiful skin (NFI but it was either someone NOT wearing their glasses, OR someone who could only write that sentence in English, as I think everyone got that one!)
*Quite (hmmmmm that's the only thing positive she could think of....unless she meant quiet....but either way....strange....quite what?)
*I love to have conversations with you & I think your a hot soccer mum :) (This was from the young crying chick....sweet...she really is lovely...naive & young & outspoken...but lovely....so this was my favourite! She has an interview tomorrow & I wish her ALL the best)

Okies off to poison my kids with fried rice....we're on a tight budget peoples....and they aint happy....I figure if I add as little flavour as possible they will eat it, and I will get by.
Have my Ultrasound tomorrow to see if it's gallstones...not convinced...although similar, not everything fits.

Until next time!


The Arthur Family said...

Oh Kirst, what great compliments!! LOL I'm not sure "quite" what it is either :p
have a great one

Lightening said...

*snort* Well, if you got NOTHING else out of this course - at least you got some decent blog fodder!!!!

Kirstie said...

Thanks C! 'Quite' mad maybe ;-p

Lightening ~ I'm sure I could get more but I tend to black out whilst there and can't remember a thing that has happened! Today...zip, nada, nothing....I applied for 3 jobs, but beyond that I draw a blank!

2 more days to go....I hope!