13 June 2008

Holy Cow Batman!

I got a job!

A get up at a god awful time, shower & dress in something decent, brush my hair, use concealer & mascara, get kids organised & to school on time or earlier, go somewhere else & get paid JOB!!!


What is the world coming to!!!

And to top it off it starts off as full-time! Talk about throwing ones self in the deep end!

Let's hope I don't drown!


A job!

I get paid to sit on my arse & answer phone calls & speak to people.

Have I mentioned my phone phobia?


I need to get the kids up & at school an hour earlier! I need to also be respectable for public viewing at the same time!

Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person?


Am I ready for this?
I'm not sure.

Are the kids going to fight me at every turn?

Is the AH going to come to the party and step up to his responsibilities?
Probably not.

Am I going to drown in chaos?
Almost definitely...at least in the beginning...

So now starts a new chapter in my life.
It's been a long time coming.

I think it is either going to break me, or make me!
I sincerely hope it's the latter.

A job....in the real world!




Bettina said...



I'm sure you'll be fine once you establish your new 'normal'.

Anonymous said...

Great that you got a job. But, don;t freak out too much about the house. Mine normally looks horrible & I don;t want people over (all my friends think I am fairly clean & tidy as I don;t ever let them come over unless I have had time to clean).

I concentrate on washing, shopping & feeding. By Friday the house is a mess and there are normally piles of clothes where the boys have dumped them, and bags full of clothes from their weekly sleepover at my parents and there are often dishes in the sink. But it all kinda gets resolved on the weekend - but my house will never be showroom perfect!


The Arthur Family said...

woohoo congrats! beats paper cutting yourself at that ahhhhhh.... course :p


Veronica said...

Take a deep deaap breath, okay?

Okay, now that you aren't hyperventilating anymore, you may freak out. I know I would be too.

Good luck!