11 June 2008

DD's Op!?!?!?!

I finally had the chance to make the calls regarding the cost of DD's op.... news aint so great! The AH only updated the Health Insurance to cover Hospital as well in January, and because she has had grommets before, it looks like it is classed as pre-existing.

Maybe this was his concern at the start? Although why he didn't inform me of this I have No Fucking Clue!

By the time I had rung the Hospital a zillion times, the specialist, our GP AND the Health Fund....I got as far as it all not looking great! But I still have to ring the hospital & the specialist again...but after being out most of the day, I ran out of time, and they had all gone home. So I will try again in the morning. Cos I STILL DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH? They are very tight-lipped about cost when you say you are in a fund....and kind of send you on a trip on the merry-go-round....just to say "the gap is $xxxx" or "we are accredited with your fund so you pay nothing or a very minimal cost"....whilst on their admission forms it says you MUST pay up front and on admission.....I don't know what is going on in the health industry....but it's all a lot of nonsensical crud if you ask me, and they must all think we have VERY deep pockets to not need to know what we are up for!

Also I have *issues* with it being pre-existing.....her previous op fixed the problem! It was only when the grommets fell out she had problems again, and the adenoids are something new altogether....has never come up before. But I am guessing that it all falls too close to the 'line' and the insurance company would win!

Also they asked on the form for my Health Care Card/Pension number....so maybe I'll get a discount...but that, I think, may be extreme wishful thinking...

I guess it will all work out! At worst I will have to beg, borrow & steal..... but my lass will hear again sooner rather than later!



lightening said...

How long is the wait to go public? Is that an option? They're usually pretty good with kids issues.

Bettina said...

was going to ask the same questions as Lightening. :)

Genaine said...

I hope everything works out for you & E

Kirstie said...

HI :-)

We went public last time and it took 8 months :-( Always an option but I'd rather not wait that long.
The hospital will be $1500 still have to contact the surgeon again.
It will need to be delayed...at least until I start work.
AH isn't budging ATM...but he will have to pay me back 1/2 at worst.
Thanks :-)

Veronica said...

Wow, what a nightmare. I hope you get it sorted out.