09 June 2008

Catch-up! (and vent...oop where did that come from)

Had a busy week last week, with the course from hell, Dr's visits, and a job interview!

Yeah! Finally! Not entirely rapt with the job, and the more time that passes the worse I think the interview went, but it was an interview, so I'm happy with that. I didn't vomit, hyperventilate, swear, or say anything too stupid....so a Success! No matter what the outcome is! There have been a few jobs I've applied for lately that just seem ideal....so fingers crossed....speaking of fingers...I need to pull mine out and finish an application I'm half way through.....it's one of those tedious long and detailed pieces of shit that drive me up the wall!!!! But the job would be ideal!

I had my scan & follow up with my GP...not much to tell really....nothing is REALLY wrong...but nothing is really right either... My Gall Bladder is clear, apart from a small growth, which apparently I shouldn't worry about, and apparently shouldn't be causing my pain. There is a cyst on my kidney, which apparently is nothing to worry about, and apparently shouldn't be causing my pain either. My cholesterol is a bit off but again is apparently....well see above. My white cell count is a bit off....see above again. Some other levels are a bit off....again see above. So what is the outcome?
Keep taking the pills to help with stomach acid.
Stop drinking.
Eat healthier.
Exercise more.
Try and quit the fags.
Drink more water, less coffee.
Go back in 8 weeks and test again.
If pain continues go back sooner.
*Sigh* I feel like I've got fucking no where! So what did I do after my non-diagnosis?
I hit the town with an internet buddy that was visiting from another state and had a night of drunken debauchery, kissed a stranger, crawled in my door at 5am and slept till 2pm. It's not ALL bad.... I danced my arse off so that counts as exercise right??
Since then my self sabotage has kicked in full force....and I've been living on chocolate & lollies & softdrink.....which is just not like me....someone up there in my screwed up head is hitting the rebel button....you'd think at my age I'd be over that....but obviously not!

Onto other things...We finally had our appointment with the ENT for DD, and he's booked her in for grommets & a possible adnoidectomy. I didn't go the surgeon who did it last time....I took her to the Private Hospital. The ENT was gorgeous, and knew all about ED as his best mate in school had it....that was a nice surprise....mention ED and you normally get a blank look lol. But here's the shocker...she is booked in for the 18th of THIS MONTH! Fucking nearly fell off my chair!! It took over 6 months for the last op!
The ArseHat isn't happy though...of course, why would he be! When I told him, his only comment was that he couldn't afford it & that now she couldn't do swimming!!!
The SAME man who has been quite vocal that "MONEY IS NO ISSUE WHEN IT COMES TO MY KIDS HEALTH!"
The same bloke who is back to his old drinking ways....What? $30+ a day.
The same bloke who is going Clubbing every weekend, so can't have the kids extra nights.
The same bloke who is back on drugs as well.
And the swimming comment?!?!?! WTF!!! Options...1: DD gets to go to swimming lessons once a week, she knows how to swim, it was just recreational. 2: DD stops having painful ear infections, fevers, further nose/throat problems as a result or ear issues, can ACTUALLY HEAR and participate in class properly AND learn, and stop missing school and life around her....hmmmm....You know he's right......very difficult choice....Moron!
I still have to chase up the exact cost, but it will get worked out somehow.
He fucking RILES me up! The amount of money he spent on fucking Hookers, the money he spends on the kids(bought them a Wii just for the hell of it), and everything mentioned above...How Fucking DARE he even THINK that he can't afford his half.....LET ALONE FUCKING SAY it out loud!

OK I weren't going to to do a psycho post....but well, it's out now....going to go SCREAM into my pillow or something now!


Anonymous said...

Good that you went to the interview & you can always say no if you really don;t want the job, but maybe, just maybe, doing a job you don;t want for a short period of time may help you get the dream job.

Great to hear that DD can get her ears fixed so quickly and that the surgeon is nice. As for AH & money, keep making him feel guilty & he'll cough up - normally works for me!!


Anonymous said...

hugs to you babes, all will work out in the end

good luck with the surgery- its very quick but that is great news!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting the surgery so quickly... If it was me I would be laying the guilt on AH so thickly (eg. alcohol/hookers are so much more important, etc, etc) and make him pay the whole lot.


Bettina said...

want me to kneecap him for you?

*adjusts her halo* :)

frogpondsrock said...

Great about the appointmnet YAY..

cheers kim

Kirstie said...

Ooooh 5 comments! I feel popular ;-)

Kelli ~ I will take the job if I am offered it, for sure, I am not looking for perfect...just want a foot in the door ATM, and it isn't awful, will just throw me outta my comfort zone. Re AH....well he's all talk, he generally comes to the party...and if not I will arrange something :-) But will blog an update on that soonish!

Joyce ~ thanks darl...hope yours goes well too :-)

Genaine ~ thanks and see above! But we have a problem houston, will update soon!

Miss B ~ Mwah! (what's your number again ;-p)

Kim ~ thanks :-) Gosh I love your photo's....can't comment ATM as my puter is hating quite a few blogs right now grrrrr!