23 March 2008


The AH bought me my favourite chocolates for Easter!
From the kids of course.

If I go missing in a few days you will know he injected them with arsenic.



Kelley said...

So you OK? LMAO

Do you think it is his way of sucking up to you or has he just forgotten that he is the ass-hat of the century?

The Arthur Family said...

only a few days?? so when are we sending in the emergency unit ??


Kirstie said...

Kelley ~ Still here, lol, but haven't touched the chocs.
Sucking up for what? He's been very strange of late (read amicable) though.....I have 3 theories...1/he got the chocs as a gift so gave them to me (he doesn't eat chocolate). 2/he has a girlfriend (explains his backing off from seeing the kids more & being nicer) 3/ he did indeed inject them with arsenic, lol, although the seals are intact.

C ~ I am on a chocolate hiatus. If I do indeed eat them I will let you know....you know my addy for the ambo's ;-)