22 March 2008

HI!!! FRom da EaSteR BuNNeH!

In Wonka packs you get 17 mini eggs...so 1 for the easter bunny IF you have 2 children! YUM! (170g)
In Cadbury(caramel) packs you get 10 mini eggs...none for mum...ahem I mean the easter bunny! Bummer! E.B. loves caramel eggs! (110g)
In Nestle Milky bar mini eggs you get 15...again 1 for the Easter Bunny if you have 2 children (150g)
What are the E.B's findings.....Cadbury charge more per gram.
I prefer cadbury.
But their 11g eggs leave NADA for the E.B!
Need to bring it down to 10 grams man....

Damn glad Mr A.H. E.Bunny contributed to the Egg Fund, or Ms. E.B would be pretty unhappy!!! (as in I am eating the eggs he contributed, because I bought Enuff!)

And I think Mr. Wonka has it right! nothing can be shared equally with 17 so EB always gets his/her cut!
Nestle cuts a close 2nd, because you need 1, 3 or 5 kids to be cut out of your profits...I mean share.

But that damn Cadbury! Everyone has 1, 2, or 5 kids! All or nothing Damn You! Where's my cut you slimey bastard!

And to be fair...I don't buy real cheap shit....fucks with my head....the come down is HUGE!!!! so I haven't had a chance to critique them...not that you'd wanna, I mean sometimes we're desperate....but not at EASTER!

No at Easter we need to keep our shit clean!

Normally I'd have added another great supplier "Red Tulip", Great bloke, but he's pretty quiet, apart from this time of year.... unfortunately I was a bit slack this year, his supply must have been good cos he was dry once I called. Oh well!

And then there's that posh bastard Lindt. Good Stuff! But I'm a single mum wiff 2 kids now, and way outta my league....

Plus the kids say " I don't like-tha-gold-bunneeeeeee".... & well the stuff induces enough manic episodes without nightmares as well!

So now off I go...kids are asleep...and I need to do some magic with some white powdery stuff....and a piece of paper... *sniff*

Oh and find that magical wine that turns me into a Rabbit!




The Arthur Family said...

I really hope the EB is a clean bunny and cleans up all his white powder stuff hehehehe

Kirstie said...

Bastard never came back to clean up!