15 February 2008

Frugal Menu Plan...

Haven't done a menu plan for a while, but I'm really stretching the dollars atm so I did one up yesterday, trying to focus on what I already had in the freezer/pantry, without it getting too boring....
So here we go:
Thurs: Chops & veg (let kids pick the veg so was carrot, asparagus, beans & mashed spuds)
Fri: Hotdogs (have heaps of hotdogs in the freezer, bought the buns at Aldi 3 for 90cents)
Sat: Spag bol (all ingredients here)
Sun: Kids at the AH's for dinner, I'll do toasted foccacia or Lean Cuisine type job.
Mon: Roast Chook & veg & gravy (bought all ingredients, but a kids fave, plus with only 3 of us the meat stretches)
Tue: "Easy" nuggets, chips & salad, or premade frozen homemade pizzas etc
Wed: Kids at their dads....see above.
Thurs: Chicken pasta bake. (Chicken from roast, all other ingredients on hand)
Fri: Kids at their dads, see above
Sat: Chicken soup & toasties (Made from roast carcass, other ingredients on hand, this is new, we don't normally "do" soup)
Sun: Quiche (ingredients on hand....kids new to quiche but didn't mind it last time, and it's good for my lunches the next 2 days)
Mon: Steak & veg (Steak on hand, veg bought)
Tue: "Easy" see above
Wed: Kids at AH's (see above)

I still spent $150 on groceries.....which is good, but feel I can still do better. DD was home sick, which didn't help, but I was good and her requests only added another $10 or so.

My fridge/freezer/pantry are well stocked, so hopefully next f/night I can bring it down even more..... I just struggle with a bit of seperated parent guilt/competition & getting food into them that they like & is generally healthy too as the AH stocks them up on junk.


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