14 February 2008

Who'd have smart kids????

My motherly muck-ups are too numerous too mention.....
At this stage in their growth & development they happen all too frequently.....especially with DS...he's such a nosey bugger....
I remember a few times where I found him 'reading' things....things I wrote in my diary, things on notepads, over my shoulder on the internet.......I forgot the little blighter could read now, and it took me a while to realise and take precautions. I am more careful.
But this morning made me realise just how careful I have to be....with everything....he is too switched on.
I am a MAD Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas fan (chose concert tickets over my childrens education..... well kinda lol), and they have a song called *ALL YOUR REASONS*, I would link but not sure about copyright. Anyhoo, this has been my ANTHEM to the AH.
On the way to school this AM, my phone rang, and as it was in my bag, on the back seat, DS grabbed it, and it started with this song, which the kids know & love, lol. We missed the call with all the scrambling, but I said to the kids "Oh don't worry, it was dad returning E's call, we'll speak to him tonight"
DS pipes up "How do you know it was dad?"
ME : 'Oh cos I put that song on for when dad calls"
DS: 'Oh....why?"
ME: "ummmm just so I know when it's your dad, not someone else"
DS: " Oh, I know......you & dad broke up so you don't want to hear all his reasons"
ME : GULP! maybe I should change ring tones "Ummm no, I just like that song"
DS: (singing)" What you got, I don't need it, I can't listen, to all your reasons..."
"No....it's because you don't want to listen to him, isn't it?"
ME: " So what have you got happening in school today?"

Time to change my ringtone I think!

I have heard you can get "oinks", do you think he'd figure that out?


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