09 February 2008

My Gay Kiwi Stalker

Let me set the scene....
My good friend 'N" & I went out....her friend 'A' managed to tag along.
N is happily married, and A is someone she knows through "kid-stuff". A is divorced. A got wind that N was going out with her newly seperated friend and somehow managed to wiggle himself a spot on the night LOL
Anyhow, we hop on the train, after I convince her NOT to cach a cab to The Cross from Richmond, and we head to Parra with roadies in hand, giggling and carrying on after 5 hours at the local pub, many beers & shots of Cock Sucking Cowboys *shudder*.
There is one other lonely train traveller in our carriage, and he is obviously taking delight in our carry on, whilst chatting on his phone.
Eventually N, who is definately not backwards in coming forward, starts chatting to this lone traveller, and convinces him to ignore his plans & come to wherever we are going.
When we all first started chatting, N whispers "he's gay!"
Then he said "sex" when he meant 6!
I whispered "no! he's Kiwi"
He then announced that we weren't whispering and he was, in fact, neither!
N also decides that at Blacktown, that we can no longer deal with trains so must catch a cab.
So we cab it to Parramatta, to the pub/club we used to frequent 8 years ago....my how it has changed...just like us, it is no longer hip & happening, but a seedy little dive!
Lone Gay Kiwi was a riot!
I hadn't laughed that hard in ages!
I also hadn't danced that hard in ages, mocking all the other idiots in the place, that was until I said "look at me!" and fell flat on my face! Literally!
I'm all class I tell ya!
Anyway Lone Gay Kiwi was having a ball, as were we, so we ALL exchanged numbers.
Now I have a stalker!
He isn't Lone. He has a girlfriend.....sort of!
He isn't Gay. His explicit messages prove that.
He isn't a Kiwi. He is Scottish!
But he won't stop texting me, and calling me! He lures me with a joke, then he continues....unless he is on a date with his "kind of" girlfriend.
40 texts the next day! STALKER!!!!

It is over 2 weeks and he still contacts me.......

He's on a date tonight, so I should be right for a while....but NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR NUMBER NO MATTER WHAT......Funny Gay Kiwis can be stalkers too!


Anonymous said...

Hi K,

Good to see you getting it out of your system!

What I did with my Ah's stuff that I didn't want in my house was bag it all up & stick it in the garage. Then the next time he came to see the boys I told him to take it. Anything he didn't take them would be removed. I sold some at a garage sale (his drill bits which he forgot to take, I had no idea what they were) and other stuff I chucked. I really needed him & his presence gone from my house so the boys knew it was our home & I could take some ownership. You don't have to hang onto these things on the offchance he may want them one day. By keeping them for him you are doing decluttering by keeping his junk!

Stand firm on the agreed times & be strong.

You are doing really really well.

ROFL about your stalking texting you - couldn't have picked a better time!!


Kirstie said...

Thanks Kelli :-)

I really need to purge his stuff, I am not keeping it deliberately, it's just he hasn't asked for anything (well except a TV, DVD player, Tomtom & some clothes). I really need to knuckle down and bag/box it up.

(oh and it's good to see u referring to your ex as AH ROFL!!!)

Mona said...

Keep up the good work.