23 August 2007

The SOB has been given his marching orders!!!!


And yes! It is a he...the proof....he leaves crap wherever he sits, frequently gases out the neighbourhood, is a pain in the arse to get started, doesn't last long distances and is embarrassing to take out in public!

Here he is in all is glory.....
(oops I need to fix the date thingy on my camera)

Oh and SOB actually stands for Smokin' Old Bomb......even my psych calls it that...lol.

So how did this all come about? Well yesterday I had the kids all ready for school, and go to warm the little beastie up.....turn the key....nothing....turn the key again....the radio comes on, but that is it.....DEAD! DH is still away in woop-woop, and seeing he is the main driver, he has the NRMA card, so I call him up, and thankfully he was more annoyed than I was....and we won't mention who left the lights on accidentally for a few hours the night before....


NRMA was here in record time, and jumped him back to life for me, but he also informed me it would be dangerous for me to drive, even around the corner to the petrol station, as there was NO oil in him whatsoever, so I bought some oil, which he put in for me, but I had to let him run for half an hour before turning him off, so needless to say the kids were late to school, and the neighbourhood got well and truly gassed out.....oh the shame! The kids offered me their money boxes to buy a new car...god bless them....poor things were coughing and spluttering as much as the car for most of the short trip to school.

DH was pi$$ed as he'd just filled him up with oil not long ago....and that was the clincher...we will be getting a new (to us)car in the next few months....yippee! Our main requirements would be power steering (it's like driving a mack truck), air con (it only blows hot smelly air in summer & cold in winter), a radio that postdates WW2, and that it is not triple the age of our first born!

Our debate on buying a new car is a long one....me yes...DH no....and whilst I am the official owner of the Smokin' Old Bomb, A few years ago DH took over as the main driver, whilst I was given his (brand spanking)new work car, except when he needed to visit clients, or went on work trips to woop woop (like this week).....so my side of the debate kinda fell flat seeing I hardly drive the thing!

So stay tuned as we go car hunting :-)


PS: Just remembered a funny story to convey how much of a menace to the environment this car is....
DH has a basement carpark at his work, and as the SOB needs quite a warm up before he'll agree to travel, DH usually goes down, turns him on, then goes back up to his office to pack up his gear to leave. One day a lady came racing into the office shouting that someone was trying to gas themselves in their car..........nup it was just the SOB warming up LOL

Worst I've had is the people at Macca's & KFC drive throughs slamming their windows shut as we are gassing the entire restaurant......sigh......it really is his time....

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