24 August 2007


Why is it, that HE can come home...do minimal work, minimal kid wrangling, and get to sleep by 9pm and most likely sleep till 10am?????
I have been up since 6am....granted I didn't start "working" till 6.45am....but I got kids lunches ready, woke dreamy kids up, made them hot chocolates, coerced them into to dressing & eating breakfast, all set out by me, made beds, had kids teeth brushed, settled arguments, again bribed them to get dressed & eat breakfast, ate my own breakfast of promite on toast, and skulling coffee whilst tying shoelaces & doing hair, still bribing (well close to begging now) that they get dressed & eat their breakfast, force feed DD her anti-biotics with the promise of juice & hell anything she wants by now.....oh and yeah I fit a shower in there somewhere...AND getting dressed...BONUS! Only to get them to school ON TIME! DH...well...he ambles out at 7.30 or so...makes himself a coffee...heads out the back for a fag...for 1/2 an hour or so...ambles in for a Shower, shit (or 3 ) and a shave, barely says goodbye then is out the door!
I drop the children lovingly at school with kisses & cuddles galore...then race to the shops for "homework" & a few grocery items (same dif)...come home...check emails....finish my MR (morning routine (which I will publish at a later date)) Then I do the dishes, pick up all the crap left by my 3 "housemates", vaccum house, dust house, mop....then try and crumple in a heap on my lounge. Best buddy comes to visit, which I am SOOOO thankful for, but it really drained what supplies I had left IYKWIM. When she and her adorable kiddies leave it is time to pick up kids.....by this stage I feel like I am likely to fall asleep at the wheel, so we miss our usual Friday arvo coffee/video/chat. Come home & I don't stop! Dinner, baths, refereeing, cleaning yadayadayada.
DH ambles in at 7.00pm, sits out the back with a scotch chatting on the phone. I say "hi, how was your day?" "EH" is the response!!! I feel like telling him what EH is fucking like!
I finish up baths & dinner, and breaking up fights & dobbing...call DH & kids for dinner...kids come...no DH....decides to show up later...scoffs his meal, mutters a thanks and leaves the table, whilst I sit for half an hour getting kids to EAT!
ALLL credit to him...he finished the dishes (without breaking anything!)
Plus he set the kids up for their "movie night"
Then he goes and parks his arse to watch TV. My sis calls, and we end up on the phone for ages, as you do, and we haven't spoken in ages, And the kids are rippin' the house apart whilst DH snores his arse off in the lounge....*sigh*
More kid-wrangling...DH disappears,,,,found him in bed at 9pm, snoring like a locomotive with a few extra engines added for effect, and sleeping over the WHOLE bed!
So now I finally have the kids asleep in the lounge, where I am going to have to squeeze into soon also + I have the added benefit that they will wake me up first! Whilst thy master will sleep for as long as he pleases....I WISH I COULD DO THAT! Why can't I???
Simple....no-one will look after the kids!
I make a vow now, seeing I should have gone to bed half an hour ago, but decided to ramble incoherently instead....I will not let a foot hit the floor till 8 am....even if I don't get a sleep in...I will enjoy a LAY IN!


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