20 August 2007

Cut Loose.....

Well I have "graduated" from seeing my psychiatrist on a monthly basis to an as needed one.
It has been long suggested that I set up a blog or a journal, but my attempts in the past have been very short-lived. I think my problem is my wanting a theme....or it getting too personal than I am truly comfortable with sharing with the entire world. So I still have my written journal for those moments, and will try this for the rest :-)
I am currently fighting a losing battle with my teeth...... Driving me insane. Pain meds help very little......alcohol is better.....but obviously not a good option when I have kids & need to drive (and of course I still wake up with an aching mouth but I also have a hangover which makes the pain worse).....so today I'm trying to keep myself distracted....and avoiding using my mouth as much as possible.....
DH is away for work, the house is trashed, and I have to take E to the dentist this afternoon. Really should try and clean up a bit....that should help the distraction side of things.....I hope!
off to see what mush, I can conjure up to eat too.....not sure what's worse, the effects of not eating or the tooth pain when I do......I think the human body can survive 10 days without food....I'm just not sure how long it is until the body (and mind) stop functioning.....will keep you posted.

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