23 January 2008

I'm crap at this bloggy stuff.....

I shouldn't be, I actually was studying HTML a few years ago, but it all vanished with the pooey nappies me thinks.

I wanted to add some of the blogs I like to visit....so finding that bit was easy enough....but it looks ugly...will work on it some more when my brain is working a bit better....if you're missing let me know.....there are more to add, but I really have wasted enough time on here today.

Oh and I'm not very good at bloggity etiquette, so I am *assuming* it is ok to do what I did.......Please send hatemail if it is not......I'm not getting much lately and miss it.

Oh and this took aggggges because my computer kept freezing...not sure if it was bloggers fault or just windows......



Lightening said...

Probably blogger - it takes forever for these comment screens to load too!!!! :)

I think the HTML is just use. The more you use it, the more familiar it becomes. When you don't use it, you lose it. It'll come back.

For your links. When you go to add an element, it should give you a range of choices - 1 of those should be a link list. You can then add links and names of the blogs and it has the option of alphabetising etc. Makes it easier.

Thanks for including me babe! Hope you're feeling better.

Kirstie said...

Yeah thanks...I'll sort it out one day lol.

Of course I'd include you! You inspire me :-D

Day got better, but I miss my kids :-( but I used to dream of kid-free days so I must make the most of it, whilst it is here!

HUGS and take care

Anonymous said...

Hey K,

I am having a kid free weekend - wanna come down & visit? Or are yours back?

It will get easy I promise.


Kirstie said...

Hey Kelli,
I totally missed your msg...sorry....

My sis actually came up from Canberra :-) And I had a blast being 'single wiff no kids' for a bit lol

Just need to keep busy when they're not here & enjoy it :-) May take you up on it next time!