21 December 2007

I crack myself up!

The kids have been collecting paddle pop sticks for the lick-a-prize. They have HEAPS but not a full word.
J was showing his dad how many they had, and I was standing near him...
J: "look dad, we've nearlly got a holiday"
AH: "yeah, that's great!"
J: "see we've got heaps of 'ho's" as he shuffles the sticks.....
Me: sniggering :"Yeah heaps of Ho's" BIG CHEESY GRIN AT AH

Then another conversation where J was showing AH a xmas card he received at school...
J: "Look I'll read it.... HO HO HO....Merry Christmas"
Me: giggling madly....
Confused look from AH
Me: "Don't you get it....HO HO HO.....maybe you should get some, Santa's so jolly"

That's about all from me ATM, I'm so exhausted I could puke!

Have to make E's b'day cake but it's soooo damn hot here right now, the icing will melt....so I think it's gonna be a late one again! I'm a real smart woman, planning my daughters b'day party 3 fucking days before xmas, and I'm sooooooooo behind on xmas because of all the shit with dickwad. I don't even know if I've got everything...

Oh and fucking Murphy's back! On the hottest day we've yet had this summer, my fucking air con in the car goes!!!!! I ring around like a mad woman, but everyone is closing early, for drinks.....for like 3 weeks....so I have to sweat my arse off in a Sydney heat wave.
We won't even mention the washing machine, or the total fuck up with my daughters birthday present....another fucking post I think I will dedicate to Murphy! (scum-sucking arse hat that he is!) Gawd that will be long!

2008 has GOT to be better!



Lisa - FIA said...

oh k, thats funny about the ho ho ho. Did he finally click?

Hopefully it won't be too hot for you until the car's air con is fixed. Mines been broken for 6 years and i drive around in the qld's heat. Silly me... ;)

I hope its not the gift you just got? Pretty please tell me its not.. But if it is or not, what happened?

Anyway, i'm getting dd atm so must go so i can drive home. Then straight to bed for me..

Kirstie said...

Hey Lisa :-)
I think he clicked, by the look he gave me LOL but he aint the sharpest tool in the shed.
I'm exaggerating on the *heatwave* a tad :-/ TODAY was awful but we are supposed to have more rain, and cooler days ahead.
Yes it is *that* pressie :-( Don't feel bad though, had nothing to do with your role in it at all. The microphone was missing and the CD player doesn't work....kinda renders it useless lol. The people have been really good though and offered a full refund, or to cover the costs of the repair & replacement. Just have to wait and see if it is repairable.
I'm not surprised TBH, Murphy is living in my pocket ATM.....getting used to it all....will deal with it after the party mayhem is over :-)