23 October 2007

Menu Plan

As usual 2 easy + 2 takeaway.

  1. Spag Bol with dinner rolls
  2. Creamy tuna + basil Penne (new)
  3. Homemade Pizzas
  4. BBQ + salad (I generally choose meat that is on special)
  5. Chicken Burritos
  6. Roast Chook & veg
  7. BBQ + salad
  8. Spag Bol with garlic bread (I usually cook a double batch and freeze half)
  9. Chicken + Basil Fried Rice (new)
  10. Chicken Salsa + mashed spuds + veg

I have 2 new ones this week, trying to find inspiration through cookbooks. Also I really want to incorporate some fish into our meals, my kids have declared they hate tuna, even though I'm pretty sure they haven't tried it, but they love pasta, so I'll try and sneak it in that way :-) When I buy a chook to roast, I get a HUGE one, so the fried rice is a way to use the leftover meat, in a different way than the usual pasta bake I do.

We'll see how we go :-)

A also caved into my week long craving for sour cream yesterday.....lunch is cooking now and I can't wait to smother it in sour cream, mmmmmmmmmmm

Will start my diet tomorrow........bwahaha!


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