13 September 2007

Menu Plan

I've been flat out the last fortnight, so haven't had the energy or time to post.....

But here's this fortnights menu plan.
As usual easy x 2
And we'll do take away twice, as DS dance class is now later on Thursday, so we get home too late to cook.

  1. Chicken Burritos
  2. BBQ Honey Soy Chicken wings with salad + veg
  3. Spag Bol
  4. Green Chicken Curry (change of plans meant it was missed last f/n)
  5. Roast chook (in slow cooker) & veg
  6. Marinated Chops & salad (probably BBQ)
  7. Homemade Pizzas
  8. Steak Dianne, mash & veg
  9. Chicken Tomato pasta and dinner rolls
  10. Chilli Con Carne

Really struggling with the meal plans ATM, If I feel the same next fortnight, I think I might wing it for a week or so, and try and be inspired in store......and hope it's not too disastrous on the budget, taste buds and waist line :-)

Will try and update on DS birthday and party soon....have to run to the shrink now though..


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