29 November 2007

and it has happened.....


Until now I didn't feel hate....but I do now!

Fucking arsehole wants to be here xmas morning....*let* me have them for a few hours and then have them all afternoon and evening!!!! With HIS family....whilst I sit here and fucking rot!


I can't reply to his email yet as I'll just go ballistic!

I hope his dick falls off & he rots in hell!


Kelley said...

OMG!!!!! I am rolling around the floor pissing myself!

I am going to lurve your blog.

Let it out baby!

Will give myself some time later to read and think of ways to make him suffer painfully.

Hugs and squeezes my gorgeous girl! I have added you to my bloglines too.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I'll second Kelley. I love it already.

Best to get it out and off your chest.

And feeling hate is good. At least then you don't feel like you have to be the nice one. Go for it girl - give him hell before he rots there.


lightening said...

((((HUGS))) Hon. He's already proven he's self serving. You just have to stand strong for your sake and the kids. Maybe you should go ballistic???? He's probably wanting to put pressure on you so you'll cave and he gets HIS way. :-( Although you do want to be careful what you put into writing cos you don't want to give him any ammunition. You are printing off and keeping all his emails aren't you?

agrantham81 said...


Look after you to, as well as the kids.

Kelley said...

Okay, I am not smiling any more. I have just read the last 5 or so entries and I am shitty.

At that arsehole.

Oh my. I am speechless. You are amazing to have put up with that.

He is an arsehole.

Yeah, an arsehole. I am sure I could come up with some much more accurate descriptions of the prick but right now I am just too angry.

Sending huge warm cuddles to you babe.

Kirstie said...

Thanks gals!
I am keeping copies of EVERYTHING and diarising daily as well.
Arsehole is about all I can come up with when the anger hits too!
I am being very careful at monitoring myself as well, and letting myself cry if need be, which is a HUGE improvement, on the previous me.
And giving myself a break when I need to :-) DID NO HOUSEWORK TODAY. AT. ALL. Well except a load of washing.....but had to see if the thing is gonna die or not ;-)
Will continue the story (yes...there is more) when I can....maybe Sat night which is the first night without my babies :-(

Anonymous said...


I have been reading and am so sorry it has come to this for you & that he can't even give you some time.

Don't reply to any emails as soon as you get them. I used to get off the phone from the AH in my life and write emotional angry emails to him. Then I would save them as draft & reread them once I had calmed down & respond in a more rational way. The emails are now quite funny to read (I kept the drafts for some strange reason) 3 years down the track. And his pleading emails are also funny. So things will get easier & better!


The Arthur Family said...

oh Hun... you Will not rot.. stand your ground and set boundarys for him..
and you can come visit me :D show u my special xmas tree ;)

HUGS luvie